DBMS Linter Modifications List of 07.10.09
/ DBMS Linter Modifications List of 07.10.09

DBMS Linter Modifications List of 07.10.09

DBMS Linter Modifications List of 07.10.09

The document contains information on all modifications and additions implemented in all basic versions of DBMS Linter during the 3rd quarter of 2009. Most of the modifications concern the interfaces and utilities of the system, the DBMS kernel, and the SQL translator. The problems detected have been eliminated, and new operating systems have been added to the supported OS list.


  • Android SDK is now supported.


ADO.NET interface:

  • Support of user-defined encoding added;
  • CommandType.TableDirect and CommandType.StoredProcedure implemented;
  • LINQ support in ADO.NET 3.5 added;
  • Setup procedure for ADO.NET components added;
  • It is now possible to select only your own objects or all users' objects in ADO.NET Designer.

LINQT interface:

  • redesigned in order to fully support QT4.

JDBC interface:

  • If an attempt to close an already closed connection is made, it is ignored, instead of returning an exception;
  • getusername function added;
  • Meta-data brought to compliance with the specifications.

Ruby interface:

  • User name and password setting is corrected (in case quotation marks are needed).

RELAPI library:

  • QT4 support for MAC OS X needed;
  • the library now works correctly on Antico;
  • operations with some modal forms on QT4/Gnome corrected.

С++ interface:

  • LINCPPAPI library redesigned.


inl utility:

  • The encoding for the utility is now dependent on the network environment, not on the kernel interaction encoding (LINTER_CP).

lindeskx utility:

  • Table testing and recovery functionality added.

lhb utility:

  • Information on sequences and triggers for system events can now be saved and recovered;
  • The following information added to the database archive structure: number of row chains (for version 6.1);
  • values of the PCTFREE parameter and parameters related to cyclic tables.

testdbx utility:

  • Database directory path selection, database object name view, and long table name input corrected.

testdb utility:

  • Corrections: aggregative index creation time;
  • number of row chains (for version 6.1);
  • values of the PCTFREE parameter and parameters related to cyclic tables;
  • Signature diagnostics and correction facilities for converter pages added;
  • Badly damaged rows deletion mode corrected;
  • BLOB value diagnostics problem eliminated (for version 6.1).

ldba utilities:

  • Display of CHECK integrity limitations corrected (for version 6.1).

DBMS Kernel and SQL Translator:

  • Exchange protocol between the SQL module and Linter DBMS kernel modified. The problems that existed in the old protocol are now eliminated. Performance increased by lowering the number of queries from the SQL module to the DBMS kernel;
  • Analytical functions support added: RANK, DENSE_RANK, ROW_NUMBER, FIRST_VALUE, LAST_VALUE;
  • Procedure code can now be executed without creating a stored procedure;
  • Loading of language resources in the DBMS kernel for Windows platforms unified;
  • In auto-configuration for 32-bit assembly, the pool size is limited to 1Gb;
  • Alternative data selection from different BLOB columns using CASE construction allowed;
  • Distribution assembly redesigned for better use of advantages of Sun OS and QNX;
  • In QNX, component queue deletion implemented for security reasons;
  • The errcode() function returns the error code in case the error occurs when executing a query by cursor within the procedure;
  • Access checks for operations with events corrected;
  • Recovery procedure corrected in case the signatures of converter and index are mixed up;
  • Return of value to the parameter by the EXECUTE operator corrected;
  • Automatic typification of parameters in the MULTIME function added.

Full-Text Search Subsystem:

Support of the following formats added:
  • ooxml (MS Word 2007 - .docx, MS Excel 2007 - .xlsx, MS PowerPoint 2007 - .pptx), odf 3.x (OpenOffice.org Writer 3.x - .odt, OpenOffice.org Calc 3.x - .ods, OpenOffice.org Impress 3.x - .odp), odf 1.x (OpenOffice.org Writer 1.x - .sxw, OpenOffice.org Calc 3.x - .sxc, OpenOffice.org Impress 3.x - .sxi);
  • Meta-information extraction capabilities added;
  • UNICODE support enhanced;
  • Parser performance accelerated (for some formats, by 30-50%).

Problem Elimination:

  • In UNIX, the kernel no longer stops in case of inter-task exchange via sockets;
  • When installing the distribution for UNIX, the queries to the user are no longer duplicated;
  • Channel purification processes no longer clash with asynchronous replication and stored procedure translation processes;
  • If a row parameter is used in concatenation, its type is now automatically defined correctly;
  • If a row column value is updated using the REPLACE scalar function result, its length no longer exceeds the maximum;
  • The error with non-alignment of the stored procedure buffer in QNX 6.4.1 corrected;
  • The backup server structure alignment problem eliminated if the client and server work on different platforms;
  • /LOGALL key for the kernel in Windows now operates correctly;
  • /COMPATIBILITY key now operates correctly if several tasks or tasks in brackets are set;
  • The problem associated with double activation of an AUTORESET event eliminated;
  • The problem associated with replication of transactions including addition of BLOB values and reference integrity check eliminated;
  • Pre-translated queries are now executed correctly in case of re-initialization of parameters;
  • NCHAR VARYING values are now compared correctly by the sorting process.
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