/ Integration of DBMS Linter and Information Security Facilities of Elbrus OS

Integration of DBMS Linter and Information Security Facilities of Elbrus OS

Integration of DBMS Linter and Information Security Facilities of Elbrus OS

The specialists of MCST, Ltd. and RELEX Group have successfully completed the work on integrating the capability-based data security system of Elbrus OS into DBMS Linter.

The integrated data security package provides the highest level of information security both at the data protection and storage stages, compared with other solutions at the proprietary and freely distributed software market, using only Russian licensed developments.

DBMS Linter is certified by the Russian FSTEC as compliant with Class 2 data security requirements and Level 2 of undeclared capabilities absence control. Linter Bastion, a specialized version of DBMS Linter, is certified by the 8th Department of the Russian General Staff.

The new solution may be applied in various fields, both by state institutions and by businesses. This Russian software tandem is fully compliant with the ideas of the National Software Platform cultivating the development and distribution of Russian software.

In the future, RELEX Group and MCST, Ltd. are planning to develop joint solutions for mission-critical high-performance multiprocessor complexes of high security.

Company Profiles

RELEX Group is one of the leading Russian software vendors in the field of data security, storage and processing. RELEX has been on the IT market since 1990. RELEX Group offers services in application and system software development, design, manufacturing and support, as well as customization of software systems to the client’s requirements. RMCSoft, part of RELEX Group, offers IT outsourcing services to Russian and overseas customers.

MCST, Ltd. develops multipurpose high-performance microprocessors, Elbrus software packages, computer modules, logical devices, OS and compilers. MCST has been in the IT industry since 1992, and is based on Lebedev Mechanics and Computer Institute. In 2006, the team of INEUM having many years of software development experience started joint projects with MCST.

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