/ RELEX Group has summed up its work in 2008

RELEX Group has summed up its work in 2008

RELEX Group has summed up its work in 2008

The RELEX Board of Directors has summed up the work of RELEX Group in 2008. Like the previous years, this year was a successful one: RELEX demonstrated a growth in practically all activities.

"Although the global economic downturn inevitably affected our company, in 2008 we demonstrated positive dynamics. I can say with confidence that we are optimistic about the coming 2009, and we are planning further development of RELEX Group in spite of the economic crisis", - said Igor A. Boychenko, General Manager of RELEX Group.

The business activity figures of RELEX reflect a steady progress of the entire Group thanks to the extension of the client base and the portfolio of domestic and overseas projects. The overall growth of RELEX Group in 2008 was 35% compared with 2007.

As before, our key areas of concentration are standard solutions for the corporate sector, delivery of our own packaged products, and custom software development services.

Development of DBMS Linter remains a strategic activity of RELEX Group. Despite the significant downturn on the corporate market, in 2008 the sales of the Russian DBMS increased by 12%. We have to note that a significant part of RELEX product sales were made via the dealer network, which means that Russian companies are becoming more loyal towards the domestic DBMS.

Vitaly Maximov, Marketing Director of RELEX Group, says: "The main tendency of 2008 for RELEX is strengthening the position on the domestic IT market due to extension of the dealer network. Besides, more and more companies in Russia are paying attention to security of business information, acceleration of business processes, and automation of their activities in general. RELEX Group is constantly enhancing its software technologies and the quality of its IT services, and we are happy that in 2008, despite the global economic downturn, our partners and clients have appreciated it".

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