/ RELEX Group invites you to SofTool 2011!

RELEX Group invites you to SofTool 2011!

RELEX Group invites you
to SofTool 2011!

The 22nd annual IT expo SofTool 2011 will be held at the All-Russian Exhibition Center, Pavilion 69, Moscow, October 25-28.

The latest achievements of the Russian and overseas IT vendors will be presented at the expo. The program will include conferences, seminars, round-table discussions, presentations of the expo participants and products offered.

RELEX has been in the IT industry since 1990. The rich experience of the company at one of the most dynamic markets in the world allows us to use our potential for solving diverse tasks in computerization of businesses and state institutions.

The wide variety of tasks that RELEX solves for its numerous partners and clients requires, among other things, custom software development. RMCSoft, a member of RELEX Group, specializes in IT outsourcing services.

In the RELEX booth (№ Е 52) you can familiarize yourselves with the new capabilities of the DBMS Linter family (BASTION, Real Time, Standard, Multiversion), be the first to see the new release of Project Tracking 2.0, get the free demo versions of our products and consultations by our leading specialists.

We will welcome you on October 25 – 28, Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, Pavilion № 69, Booth № Е 52!

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